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Collares deportivos que aportan la confianza que los deportistas necesitan para rendir al máximo.

Jadon Johnson

Quienes somos

Sportzzheads es una empresa fundada en Luisiana y propiedad de empresarios negros. En Sportzzheads, entendemos que los atletas necesitan confiar en sí mismos para lograr el mejor rendimiento. Es por eso que ofrecemos un conjunto único de cadenas que actúan como refuerzo de confianza y estilo, brindando a los atletas una sensación de confianza y seguridad en sus habilidades. Nuestros collares son fantásticos regalos y están disponibles en diferentes deportes y estilos, lo que permite a los atletas encontrar el collar perfecto que les resuene.

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Common questions from customers


What materials are your chains made of?

Our chains are made of high-quality 316L stainless steel and some are made of zinc alloy. Our chains are hand polished and shined before being shipped out guaranteeing you a chain that'll last a lifetime!

Will my chain turn colors?

NO. Our chains don't turn colors. To ensure you a chain that lasts a lifetime, we include a free cleaning cloth so you can take care of your chain.

Will your chains turn my neck green?

NO. Our chains don't turn your necks green nor do they tarnish if well taken care of.

Can I workout in my chain?

Of course you can workout or play your sport with your chain on! Just make sure that when you take it off you dry off any sweat or grime on the pendant to prevent any damage.

How long have y'all been in business?

We have been in the sports jewelry business since 2019 and we've enjoyed every minute of it! Over time we have improved our products and are still working hard to give you the best experience possible, thanks for joining the ride!

Do I have to pay for the gift box?

NO. Our gift boxes and gift pouches are complimentary and come for free with each order making it the perfect gift experience for your favorite athlete!

Is shipping free?

YES. Shipping is FREE in the USA. If you live outside the USA, the cost of shipping will be displayed at checkout.

Do you accept returns?

YES. We accept returns on orders that are returned within 30 days. Returns are FREE whenever the reason originated on our end. If not, the cost of the return label will be deducted from your refund.