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"It’s a good chain I won it from a giveaway on their Instagram"

The chain is great quality and is very durable and comes in a nice gift box with a nice baggie with drawstrings to go along with it. Overall awesome. store and experience!

3d Baseball Pendant and Chain Necklace

Wyatt N.

This is the best brand out there I love what y’all are doing and I cannot wait to see what is next in the future for y’all keep up the amazing work and y’all have a fun and so inviting Instagram page. And y’all are so good at replying to message I love you guys keep up the hard work remember stay beautiful.

Mason D.


I purchased the baseball necklace and must say I was quite impressed. It could easily pass for something far more expensive, even my wife was impressed. Would definitely recommend this to sports fans.

Baseball Glove Pendant and Chain Necklace

Paul M.

"Perfect experience!"

Nice chain! I bought this to support this small business and it turns it's now my favorite sports brand! I love the product and the emails they send are very cool and funny. I love this brand!

Baseball Glove Pendant and Chain Necklace

José Q.

Nice necklace! Very durable and feels good around the neck. Thanks Sportzzheads for the great customer service and being a great store!

Soccer Cleat Pendant and Chain Necklace

Hannibal R.

"Beautiful chain"

Very nice chain my sister loves it! Highly suggested as a gift for a friend or family member that plays ball!

Basketball Hoop Pendant and Chain Necklace


"Great products and great service"

The product quality is great and so is the customer service. The store owner responds very quickly and shipped my order out the day I ordered. My order arrived 2 days later, in a nice mailer and a jewelry box. Overall a great experience. Highly recommended."

Baseball Glove Pendant and Chain Necklace

Alex W.


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