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About Us

Sportzzheads Athletic Apparel was founded because, I, Jadon Johnson, the founder of this brand, wanted to create an exciting, inspiring and trustworthy brand where athletes come to get their high quality sports apparel and jewelry .But more importantly to bring athletes together and for them to put more trust in their game and to boost their confidence.


"Trust Your Game"

Our motto is "Trust Your Game". Sportzzheads provides clothing for athletes as a confidence booster and for them to put more trust in their game, I recognized that athletes can perform 200x better when they have confidence. So I went on and created a brand that provides clothing and accessories that bring out the best in athletes. I mean who wouldn't want a shirt that builds confidence? We all know that at times in the clutch you get the butterflies, so having a nice shirt or necklace on while you do what you do best wouldn't be too bad would it?

"We Keep You Fresh So You Can Play Your Best" 

Our mission statement is "we keep you fresh so you can play your best". This is our mission statement because we are dedicated to providing athletes the highest quality apparel and accessories so that you athletes can perform at your all time high!

"For Athletes by Athletes" 

As I myself am an athlete I saw the need for motivation and apparel in the sports community, so I went ahead and turned that need into a brand. Seeing our large audience of athletes styling our apparel and jewelry warms my heart. So I thank you for joining me on this great journey.

Your fellow athlete, 

Jay Jo,


Jadon Johnson wearing Sportzzheads long sleeve

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