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Great service love the product but had a lengthy delivery. Other than the delivery time everything was good.

Thanks for the experience Austin! Sorry for the late shipping due to the virus going on in China where our jewelry is manufactured. It took a little longer for your item to get cleared due to the spreading of the disease in China. But thanks again for choosing Sportzzheads and we look forward to doing business with you! Have a great day!
Very high quality chains!

The silver glove is super shiny and clean, and simply awesome. The bronze glove brings feel to the gritty and grind part of baseball that I love. Thanks Sportzzheads.

Super clean chain

The chain is very nice with a strong link attached to it. Never seen a link like that before, very dope. Plus the ball isn’t too small. Highly recommended.

Very nice hoodie

I like this hoodie a lot and so does my teammates! 🔥

Lit 🔥 chain!

Thanks for the sick chain, will surely be back!

Sick Hoodie!

Very nice hoodie! The hoodie is soft, and comfy. This hoodie can be worn anywhere and it'll look great! Will be back for more!


It’s a very good chain, and this person is so nice!! Make sure to get one!!!

A good accessory really like it

Cool, the ball is durable and shiny, wear it to school alot, thanks Sportzzheads.

Very nice chain

Nice chain, highly recommended for the real baller

Very nice

Nice chain really like it, it’s very shiny, recommended.

This chain is high quality and perfect to wear anywhere, overall nice quality

Great Basketball Chain

I won my chain from a giveaway and it’s really nice and light

Great chain

Nice chain I love it and it fits with anything you can wear!

Very nice

Very nice necklace, I brag to my teammates lol.

Fresh Long Sleeve!

This long sleeve is fire! It's soft and fresh! I really like it.

Nice Chain

This chain is cool and matches with anything. I prefer to wear it like a keychain, but it looks good around the neck! 5/5

Simply perfect

Love this hoodie

I got the black one and I love it the sizing is perfect!

This a fresh hoodie

This hoodie is sick! I wear it with my purple Vans. Nice logo on the back. Recommended.

Very nice and shipped quickly

Fresh shirt

This shirt is very comfortable and it fits perfectly thx man

Simple but yet still fresh.

I bought a hoodie to match my weatherman foamposites but unfortunately that one was horrible quality, so I went searching for a hoodie, and I found this! This hoodie is as simple as can be but matched perfectly with my weathermen, will recommend.

I really like this chain.

This chain is mid-weight and is very smooth. I wear it to school, thanks Sportzzheads!

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